Write a book…you’ve always wanted to

write bookYou’ve always wanted to write a book…but so far you just haven’t done it because…you doubt yourself. You hate doubt. You always said you’d never let it happen to you. But here you are — deep in doubt. And it doesn’t matter how you got here. You hate it.

Because you know you can write a book. No bizarre living conditions. No cutting out fun. No typing your fingers to the bone from the time you wake to the time you fall asleep. Just three hours on a Sunday afternoon (every week for a year) and you’ll have a book you can print out and hand to your spouse. She’ll be shocked to see how you really DID write a book which is what you said you wanted to do. Your son will squeal when he sees you’ve got a plan to write a book about giant bunnies so he can have a hand in naming them. And you’re cutting out your GQ subscription — because you are going to learn how to dress like a pro writer. Since you are one now. All you have to do is write a book.

Imagine calmly noting that your printer just died. No worries. You’ve got money stashed in your Paypal account. Picture yourself saying “yes” — instead of “no” all the time — when your kids ask if they can go to the movies because you have a loaded entertainment fund. Imagine … what being a published author could accomplish for you!

Don’t believe me that you can be doubt free in 12 months? Try this little test yourself: For a mere .99 (less than a buck!) run this book through its paces. See for yourself if you turn out 30 percent more writing, buy your kid a book, and even pocket $50 for that long overdue date with your spouse.

write a book
Ten Tips for Getting that Book Written

Yes, you can do these things by being a published author.Go. Write a book!

Start by buying my book…Ten Tips for Getting that Book Written. CLICK HERE NOW http://www.amazon.com/Tips-Getting-that-Book-Written-ebook/dp/B00DK0TGQQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1395970701&sr=8-1&keywords=ten+tips+for+getting+that+book+written

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