How YouTube Videos Can Bring More Readers

Founded in 2005, YouTube, when it first appeared on the Internet, was not a hot ticket item. Most people didn’t have computers that could run the videos and allow the viewer to see them very well. The format stopped and started, and well, it wasn’t the best experience. I could tell you how many videos I consumed back then in the early days on one hand. And no, B Jean was not one of them.

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Then along came high-speed Internet and mobile phones with apps for things that we love to view–including YouTube videos.

So what has this got to do with writing? A lot if you are going to make a book trailer to tell the world about your work.

YouTube is the number one place that you should be planning on utilizing to promote your book.

Here are a few facts:

* YouTube has over 1 BILLION visitors each moth

* 6 BILLION hours are spent viewing videos each month

* 100 hours of footage is uploaded every MINUTE to YouTube

* 80% of traffic on the YouTube site is from outside the US

* The average viewer is 18-34

* Subscriptions are up significantly every year

And exactly how do YouTube’s stats affect you?

Consider this:

YouTube’s constant flow of visitors(one billion is a LOT) creates a constant possible market for your book. Put up your book trailer, and VIOLA!

The amount of hours people spend viewing the videos on that site means that if someone is going to watch, they are going to get a bargain and might actually seek out more of your work. Again, viola!

The ton of footage that is being uploaded every minute means that the site is here to stay. You have a permanent market on YouTube. So are you still sitting there?

You want to be an international bestseller? Remember that 80% of the visitors to YouTube are outside the US. Go get ’em !

Most of the target markets these days (for business of all sort) and especially books–are aged 18-34 and guess what…they all go to YouTube. They get their news from there, their entertainment from their and their how-to do something from there. Are you moving yet?

Subscribing to a YouTube channel is going up. Every year. You should go and create yours. RIGHT NOW.

This has been a fun post. I love knowing information about content I consume and I am sure others do too. I found all this info on the YouTube site. Check it out!

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