Writing, and thinking about writing

Writing, and thinking about writing

I accidentally fell asleep during It’s a Wonderful Life tonight, and my hubby didn’t wake me when he went to bed, and when I awoke, it was almost 11 pm, so here I sit, wide-eyed and alone. I should be writing…*but um…instead I am talking to you. I am thinking about how I got to where I am in my writing life, and where I really want to go. This is nothing unusual for me, I am ALWAYS thinking about writing and where I want to take it. But still…

At a recent book-signing,(not mine) I overheard aspiring authors seeking advice on how to write and publish novels. There were several authors gathered at the event and they were nice and agreed to share tidbits.

It sent me down memory lane, where I remembered my own humble beginnings. As a kid, I often buried myself in creating big worlds, with maps, and plot ideas. I filled notebooks with stuff. I sat down and worked on a novel or short story. But then, summer vacation would come along, or Christmas, or my social life would distract me, and I would set my writing aside until months later. Thankfully, computers came along and keeping all my bits and pieces of stories and ideas became a whole lot easier to keep up with. I cannot tell you how many stories I have lost through the years just because they were written on a scrap of paper.

Recently, my hubby got into two of my very very old computers and I was able to get a ton of OLD stories off of them. I was so thrilled, I cried. I see you nodding out there. Happened to you too at some point? Feels SO GOOD!

I have a LOT of these silly things, these snippets and short stories, and they aren’t doing me all that much good sitting on my hard drive, so I am offering them as free downloads. You will get a free one when you sign up for my newsletter. Which you can do on the sidebar or at the top of the page. I have places all over the site to sign up for the newsletter, and to sign up for my email list. The email notification is so you NEVER miss a post on my blog. I blog A LOT. I try to make them interesting and helpful, but if you do not like being told every day that I have a new post, please do feel free to unsubscribe. I do not want to worry anyone with my posts.

This post is waxing long, so I will take off. I feel like watching some Dr. Who. And yes, I do have a TARDIS cover image for my Facebook author page. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/kimsmithauthor

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