writing stuff

writing stuff

Sometimes we take good advice. Like, write 250 words a day and in one year you will have a novel. I do listen to that sort of good advice. And since the beginning of January, I have pretty much gotten in the 250 words a day on one story or other.

Will it net a book in a year?

Might do more than that! I sit down to do my 250. I think to myself that if I can do that much, then I can stop. You see, in the winter time I am slain with terrible laziness. All I want to do is curl up under a blanket and sleep until summer. Lol. I bet I am NOT alone in this.

So I figure if I can convince myself to just get the 250 down, then I can relax and let go of the guilties. Well, as in the case of this morning, I get so wrapped up in the story that I don’t stop at 250!

It’s working, yall.

See what Anne Rice has to say about writing here :

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