Writing stuff Wednesday

Writing stuff Wednesday

So…I know I have been slacking something fierce on this old blog. It has been the winter blues, I tells ya. I get SAD in the wintertime. That’s “seasonal affective disorder” for those who do not know. But this past weekend, I went out of town (SOUTH!) and found sunshine and warm temps. I sat in the sun for a while and believe me, the blues fled.

Today I want to talk about writing stuff. I know I could do a podcast, but my voice is not up to par, and you really wouldn’t enjoy my coughing and hacking to clear my throat. I will get one up for you for next week though. (and speaking of podcasts, you are listening to my good friends over at Sell More Books, right? It comes out on Wednesday mornings, and if you are a self-pubbed author, you realllllly should listen to this show.)

But I digress…

I sent out the newsletter to my subscribers yesterday, and yes, there was a bit of news in it that you missed out on. HINT: subscribe to get the news FIRST.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading, including fantasy, romance, and non-fiction. Yes, it has run the gamut for me. But reading fills the writing void sometimes–and I do get blocked on occasion. Check out my 2015 Reading List to see what I am reading.

But again, I digress…

And now the writing news…

I have been editing my caper mystery, and reformating my romantic short story. The short is called Love Inn and will be up for release in time for Valentine’s Day. I spent a great deal of time working to find an appropriate cover matter last night, but either I was too tired to focus, or I am aiming the wrong direction because there just wasn’t anything that struck my fancy.

I do not intend on lingering over this problem though. I need to get that cover art purchased and get cracking on creating the cover, so I can get it uploaded and ready for preorder. Man, there is so much to be done when you do it all yourself. But I am not complaining. I wouldn’t have it any other way. At any rate, this short story will be like 50 pages long so it will be perfect for a quick read before scampering off to celebrate love with your romantic partner.

Excerpt, cover reveal, and launch will come soon!

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