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Unplugged Thursday-Writing the old school way

What about writing? Sometimes a writer needs total silence to be able to write. Sometimes music playing in the background inspires us. Most times it sort of blends away and we don’t even hear the music, or noise, or anything else. It feels so good to be so deeply involved with a story to the point that we can ignore even noise, doesn’t it?

Way back in 2013, during the dog days of summer, I posted a podcast about Panera Bread and going there to get a little writing done. I actually started something with those posts about being at PB for writing night. Some folks actually joined me! Nothing like writers getting together to do what they love to do. And of course, Panera Bread is my fav place on earth anyway.

Well, beginning this Thursday, I will be giving it a whirl again. My writing posse is already in place and we have planned this down to a fine detail.

We are calling it Unplugged Thursday. We intend on writing with NO DIGITAL devices. We can only use paper notebooks and pens or pencils. We will be leaving our laptops, tablets, and smartphones either at home or turned off. No Facebook, no Twitter, no email, no nuttin’ but our inspiration and determination.

I am pretty excited about it. Going old school. Getting unplugged. Disconnecting to do the writing thing.

ZIPNON / Pixabay

(insert hearts and butterflies and kitties here)

I will give you an update on how it goes soon. Writing is my life. You know I will. And if YOU decide to try it, call your post about it Unplugged Thursday and leave me the link in the comments and I will check it out!

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