Writing in Spring

Writing in Spring

and how hard that can be sometimes…

Welcome to another one of my musings. I have been struggling so hard of late to get my writing done. I just cannot focus long enough to get anything down.

Let me explain.

This has been going on since I got a job a month ago. I just sort of had to set everything aside and create an entire new routine for myself. I was too tired at the end of the day to do anything, not even cook.

Then last week, my darling hubby had a heart attack. Talk about everything coming to a screeching halt. EVERYTHING including my breath.

But he has done so well getting over it, that he seems to think they will let him go back to work next week.

So, now I find myself full into spring (in Florida it feels like summer!!) and I haven’t written more than 1000 words in a long while. It’s devastating to me because I had been rolling through my books in THE MT. MORIAH series, turning one out every three months since January of 2021.

That, of course, has stopped for now. I just cannot do it. I am mentally tapped out. So if you are a reader of the series, please know that I will get book five out as soon as possible, but maybe not by July.

Writing in spring is not my norm anyway, to be honest. I am a fall person. I love fall and the crispness of the air and all that goes with it. To me, writing in the spring is the hardest time of year to try. It’s so pretty and you just want to be OUTSIDE. Who’s with me?

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