Writing is hard work

Writing is hard work

Recently, I shared the first tidbits of my current WIP, a sort of apocalyptic tale. My critter thought it needed more world building. Which is true. It does. But I had to tell him, the style of writing that I use requires very little WB in the first draft and more added in on subsequent drafts.

He-a reader not a writer-didn’t really understand. What can a writer do to make the beta reader see that what they are devouring is only a bare bones version of the whole thing? I am about ready to say no to having my first drafts read. They are just not reader worthy if what is being desired is not even on the page yet.

This has nothing to do with my readers, by the way. The people who read my work are a varied bunch and no two people read the same thing at the same time. I divide it up and share with different people on different work. So I get good feedback. It is not them, nor my writing really, it is more giving the reader what they think they are getting. And in first draft, it usually is not there.

So what about you? Do you give first draft work to your readers? Do you give them all of the completed thing or just the first few chapters? I am guilty of giving them the first few chapters straight out of my fingertips and maybe that is why this beta was not satisfied? Maybe I should not do that, but rather, wait until the story is finished and gone through at least one rewrite?

I did warn him beforehand though. I told him that I don’t fluff up the pillows and turn on the lights and all that on first draft. But it was really good to know his opinion. He was shocked that the story took off straight on page one and the action began right away. I have heard that readers like that sort of thing.

In his defense, I have gone back and rewritten a bit at the beginning to set the scene. I have done a little 300 word prologue so to speak. Maybe I will post it soon.

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