Writing down thoughts can lead to weird and wonderful things

Well, it’s almost October, y’all. Sheesh, wasn’t it just December a few weeks ago? I think this summer passed me by, and I didn’t really get the full effect. I didn’t go out on water not ONCE, no lake visit, no sailboating, no boating of any kind. I didn’t go to a pool, not ONCE. It just hasn’t been in the schedule.

But starting with this year’s autumn, I will be back on track with my writing, so that is saying something. I believe that writing and publishing has been more in the forefront lately, and that is certainly what I intend to focus on in 2016 – so I might not get many chances to be a water-sprite until next year…but that’s okay!

So, for your Halloween pleasure, I am bringing you the Warped Mind Collection of flash fiction and short stories that are totally bizarro, surrealistic, and strange. I have been writing this stuff for years and felt like it should be in a collection instead of hanging out on my hard drive.

I hope you enjoy these stories. I call them a warped mind collection because they are really things that came to me, and I wrote most of them freestyle. Totally a mind dump. Sometimes an author just has to get all that stuff out of their heads!

Next week, I will post a cover reveal and a blurb. Likely on Monday because Tuesday is my awesome interview with Jeanne Lyet Gassman, historical Christian fiction author.

Guess I better get busy writing that book blurb, huh?


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Kim Smith is the author of Disk of Death, The Dread Room, Love Inn, and An Unexpected Performance.

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