Writing changed my life

Okay, so those of you who know me already know that I have been writing professionally for going on many years. But I have been a writer all of my life. When I thought about this blog post, I thought wow. I don’t know of many things that people can do that will last a lifetime. Marriages do (sometimes)-relationships can be long-lasting. Jobs do sometimes, but really not as much as back in the olden days.

Creative endeavors seem to be the ones that most people undertake that will continue for a lifetime. Artists, poets, writers, musicians. These are things that people would do even if they didn’t get paid for it. I mean, I didn’t get much these first 6 years, let me assure you!

Writing has changed my life in many ways. It has been a release for me. I can pound out anger and hurt and disappointment through a written work. I can be funny through a character and no one looks at him or her strangely as they do when I personally am being funny. (a comedianne I am not)

It has given me more opportunities to express myself than any other thing in my life. I can always say what I mean and how I feel in a written work. The freedom of the written work for a writer is about the most wonderful aspect of this life.

So, in essence, writing has set me free!

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