Writing accountability or who’s keeping you on track?

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A post about writing accountability is way overdue, I think.
I recently participated in a writing challenge with the #writerrecharge. It was a great way to stay on track and get the word count out each day. I miss it. I didn’t sign up for the latest challenge, Spring Writing Bootcamp because I thought I would be too busy.


I don’t think I have written any new work since #writerrecharge ended.

I regret not getting in on SWB but there is hope for me yet. I am going to Mid South Con this weekend and through the writing conference track I hope to get re-energized. I really think that this is just the pre-spring blahs. I will get some word count in soon. I will.

But this whole situation screams the question, if you are not accountable to your writing, then

who’s keeping you on track?

(in my case, I am a lonely only)

If you are not going to turn out something every day, or week, or month, or year, ON YOUR OWN — under your own power, then WHO is keeping you accountable? *by YOU I mean me* and unless you have an agent or editor with a set schedule for you to follow, this is a fair question. I have no agent/editor/schedule. I have no one but me to say, “You dirtbag, you are sloughing off again.” And I have to say that voice is getting rather annoying.

If you need motivation, I hope you will pick up my little booklet, Ten Tips for Getting that Book Written – it’s cheap and it’s chock-full of ideas.

As for me, maybe I should take my own advice.

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