How Writers Find Time To Write

When I sat down to write this blog post, the biggest question I asked myself was, how do writers find time to write? Then I had to ask myself, well, how do YOU find time to write?

Today’s author is a busy person. There are those of us with full-time jobs, and part-time businesses, and kids and spouses, and parents and pets. Someone else is always tugging on our shirt sleeve saying, “I just need a minute” – but some days, well, we need a minute too.

So how does today’s writer find time to write with all the interruptions?
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I am an 8-5’ver with a hubby and an aging dog and kids and I still podcast twice a week, blog at least three times a week, promote books and short stories, write a newsletter, do the shopping and cleaning and yes, still STILL write new material.

How do I find time?

Well, it’s easy. I love to write. I mean love love it.

I read a book one time that said how to find the talent you have been bestowed is to look at the things you do with no prompting, and with no reward. Those are the things you truly are gifted with.

In other words, when you do something just because…well, that’s a true love.

That’s me and writing. I love to write. I love it so much that I would still do it even if no one ever read the first word. I WOULD STILL WRITE EVEN IF IT WAS FOR NO GAIN!

I hope you can say the same–because that truly is how you find time to write. It is truly how you find time to do anything. Do you fancy yourself a good cook? Why? Because you enjoy cooking and you do it whenever you can, right? Or maybe you are into a sport or another little “thing”, and you do whatever it takes to be able to access that talent when you can. And you spend a great deal of time at it. That’s what I’m saying. You will always find time to do the things you TRULY LOVE TO DO.

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