Best Sites for Writers/Bloggers/Entrepreneurs

Best Sites for Writers/Bloggers/Entrepreneurs

One of the most exciting facets of our lives is to be able to learn, grow, evolve and change. I love to learn new things, and am such a writer groupie I even named my podcast that! I am always reading, consuming information through audio and videos. Hence why so much that I glean gets put into a blog post here on this site. You can never learn too much, and I love to share.
Unfortunately, everyone seems to be a professional these days, and you cannot know who to trust anymore. There are not that many sites that vet all the info out there, and we cannot spend our lives trying to do it. This brings about a sad amount of misinformation that gets shared.

So here are some of my recommendations for sites in writing/publishing and/or marketing and other things. Remember, even though we are writers, creatives, etc. we don’t always have to seek out sites about our industry to get good information. This is not a complete list of course, but if you want more, follow me on Twitter as I tweet/share a lot of good sites there.

Writers/publishers sites

THE BOOK DESIGNER by Joel Friedlander is a great site. He uses his background in book design, advertising, graphic design to create this collection of over 700 articles that are authoritative, easy to understand, and fair-minded. The information here has helped guide thousands of authors just like you as they made their way through the publishing process.

WRITING EXCUSES PODCAST with hosts, Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and Dan Wells, this podcast really has it all. If you are interested in trad publishing, they have all the info. And if you want info on anything else, it will likely be found here where they have been podcasting since 2008. Great writers, all.

WRITE TO DONE has something for everyone at all levels. No matter if you are writing non-fiction, novels, blog posts or sales pages, you will find inspiration and tips here.

Marketing/Business side of things

THE BOOK BABY BLOG is a site all about self-publishing, including, book cover design, book printing, book conversion, distribution, website creation etc. Truly one of the best BLOGS out there as well.

COPYBLOGGER BLOG is a site all about content marketing and copywriting info. We all need to feed our muse when we host a blog and this one helps do just about all of that we will ever need.

AUTHOR MARKETING CLUB> is a site for pinpoint accuracy in marketing your work. The host of the site, Jim Kukral, is also a host on the very cool podcast, Sell More Books Show, which I list below.

Podcasts, other informative sites

THE CREATIVE PENN is the BEST site on the Internet for writers, publishers, and book marketers. Hands down, the best.

SELL MORE BOOKS SHOW is a podcast for everyone because they talk about the news of the writing/book industry. If you need to know what the top ten news stories are for the week, tune in here first.

WRITER GROUPIE PODCAST is my podcast and it would be a shame not to include it here as there are great interviews with other writers and industry professionals on it that you will learn a lot from. And thanks for your patronage!

If there are other sites you would like to mention – give them some luv in the comments below!

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