#WriterRecharge Week Two

Writer Recharge

So! Last week I said I wanted to accomplish:

250 words written at least five days of this week. (1250 words at least)
Reading 20 pages of a book (trying to finish a rather large one)
Get at least another five chapters outlined of next book.

So? What did I manage?

Total word count for the week : 2958 (waaaaay more than I hoped for)
Reading goals: 100 pages EXACTLY. Now about 80% finished with large book
Chapters outlined? No. None. Nada. BUT-I did get my promo list started for Loran Rudder and the Secret Key which will hopefully be coming out soon.

Even though the outlining didn’t happen, that is truly okay. I feel majorly accomplished, and feel so awesome about what I have done for this challenge thus far.

For next week I want to:

Write 250 a day for 5 days or 1250 words
Finish this book I am reading and get on to the next one
Get those chapters outlined that I didn’t do this week.

I know my goals are pretty sad, sort of dull. But I am making goals that I know I can achieve. I am being kind to myself and thereby doing far more than expected.

I am SO excited to be this far this month! I hope your month is going well. I will be stopping by my friends blogs to check out their progress!


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