#writerrecharge week three

#writerrecharge Writer Recharge Week Three update


Hey everybody! Today, I am updating my #writerrecharge progress. What is that you ask? Well, for the month of February I have been challenging myself to do certain things and accomplish certain goals along with others of the same mind. It is the brainchild of Sara Birens and some other friends. You can click on Sara’s name to find out more info.

So what did I want to do this week?

Write 250 a day for 5 days or 1250 words
Finish this book I am reading and get on to the next one.
Get those chapters outlined that I didn’t do last week.

What did I accomplish this week?
Wrote almost every day and on the days I didn’t write I blogged (in fact, I blog every day almost). In my opinion, that counts. As does promotions, and Facebook posts. Hey, it’s all writing right? What I did though was, okay, so I missed Monday on writing. I was pooped and came home and went to bed. So on Tuesday morning, I got up and wrote Monday’s word count and on Tuesday night I wrote Tuesday’s word count. I didn’t fail to get in the word count. See? I am such a motivated individual, I keep myself accountable. (ha!)

So, my total word count for the week was: 2006

I read 271 pages in the book I was reading-finishing it!! woot woot!, The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson–done! If you have read any of his books, you know they are beefy reads. I love them but they take TIME I tell you. So, I am taking a break from big reads for the time being. I have some Kindle reads that are aching for my attention. Right, so on to the next book…

And… I didn’t get the outline done – sigh. I simply abhor outlining. There is your bonus for this week- a confession. I do. I’m sorry to those who live by the outline. I just hate them. (insert Gollum’s piteous voice here)–whiiiiine.

But I did the ARC cover for Loran Rudder and began working on the book blurb. Wow. I am not good at that stuff at all. I sent out emails to my best writing buds to get some input. And let me tell you, they are ALL good at this stuff (I’m saved!).

And what is my goal for next week?
Write 250 words a day– 1250 for the week (or better since I seem to do that)
Work on that &#&%#@##! book blurb
Contact some book bloggers/reviewers to see if I can get any interest from them in reviewing LRatSK pre-pub
Plan my promo attack for LRatSK (release is coming sooner than I realized!)

I hope your week is productive and fun.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I wrote an outline of my novel AFTER I’d finished it. That’s because I mostly pantsed the novel, so I wasn’t 100% sure how the story was going to pan out until it was written. But that worked for me for this project. 🙂

    Congrats on the word goal progress you’re making, Kim. Even with playing “catch-up” on Tuesday, you exceeded your goal by quite a lot. May the words continue to flow this week. 🙂

  2. Gah, outlining! I’m such a pantser. I’m in awe of anyone who can know what’s happening with a story before it starts. Great job on your goals!

  3. 2000 words is AWESOME! And I’m a very sketchy outliner. I have a beat sheet and lots of scribble. I like to call myself a plotting pantser and it works for me. Mostly. 🙂

    Good luck with all the things this week!

  4. Great work last week! That’s a lot of writing. 🙂 I read Brandon Sanderson’s STEELHEART last year and really loved it, but haven’t read anything else of his. He has some great videos on the writing process (world-building etc.) up on youtube. Best of luck keeping it up this week!

  5. I definitely count any writing as writing!

    I haven’t read any Sanderson. The closest I’ve gotten is the first Wheel of Time book. He eventually took over the series, so I’m only like a dozen books removed from him 🙂

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