Writer Recharge Week Two

Writer Recharge Week Two

WriterRecharge 2015
Once again hosted by Katy Upperman, Alison Miller, Liz Parker, Elodie Nowodazkij, and Sara Biren, Writer Recharge is your chance for a four-week jump start in the middle of a cold, dreary winter.

So, we are already onto week two of #writerrecharge. It’s been a great week for me. For my goals, I wanted to get some outlining done on a Sci-Fi that I am working on, but I didn’t get any of that done. I did get 1152 words written on an existing story that I believe might be a serial. Right now it’s called Apocalypse, but I am pretty sure that won’t stay.

So here is how the week went:

WRITE/REVISE : I downloaded several excel forms of story beat ideas to see how it is done. This may be a viable option for the science fiction I am calling The Galileo Strategy. And as I mentioned, I wrote 1152 new words on Apocalypse.

READ/REREAD : I am up to page 100 in the George R.R. Martin novel, A Feast for Crows. It is a great book, but soooo detailed. Takes patience to get through, some days. I also received a five-part serial for Kindle that someone wants me to take a look at and truthfully? My TBR pile is bulging electronically and otherwise. I am overwhelmed. How do people who review books DO IT?

STRETCH : I got the proof copy of Love Inn for print. I am not happy about the back cover. It needs to be totally reworked. I must use a gradient filter to make it look right.

SELF : I managed ten minutes about three or four times this week on the treadmill. Not exactly awe-inspiring but it is a start.

CONNECT : Finished the blog interview, posted it, did the Skype interview with my sweet ladies, the King Twins, but it turned out way too dark and we had to redo it. That will be posted tomorrow! I have also received a guest blog post from James Smith and will be posting that up soon. These fun folks are all a part of Author Rodeo Roundup coming to Senatobia MS in March.

FUN : Got to play Fallout ALL WEEKEND (as much as I wanted to) and threw in a few episodes of Doctor Who as well. So much fun stuff!

This week, my goals are:

Write/revise: Get at least another 500 words written on something. I need to get in more writing time. I enjoyed it this past week. The outline is still lingering and must be attended to.

Read/reread: I am just going to be slow with this one. I am so busy between other projects that reading is taking a backseat for a moment.

Stretch: Must finalize Love Inn for print and get some copies headed my way for signings coming up. Working on covers is a new experience. I am feeling the stretch as it were.

Self: I feel a cold coming on. This weather, an ice storm, is bearing down on us and I am not in tip top shape. Taking it easy and working out gently.

Connect: Have several interviews lined up for the first part of March, but until then, it has pretty much slowed down so I am going to be back to podcasting myself and my writing thoughts. That is not a bad thing-maybe connecting with my own thoughts will move me along the path.

Fun: I am going to use writing as my fun tool this week. Playing video games and watching movies was fun, but I do not feel like my main goal of getting a book written, or outlined is going anywhere while that is happening, so – yeah.

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