Writer Recharge week 1

Writer Recharge week 1

It’s Monday, and that means, WRITER RECHARGE post time! or #writerrecharge if you are following the twitter hashtag.
WriterRecharge 2015
What is Writer Recharge 2015? Check out the details on Sara Biren’s blog here — Sara is one of the hostesses for this great event in February along with Alison, Liz, and Elodie. They are super nice gals, and you should check out their blogs.

What I did this past week:

I didn’t really get in all my goals this past week, but I managed quite a few of them.

Writer Recharge 2015 week one

WRITE/REVISE : I did start the outlining process for Galileo Strategy. I have had it in my head for months, so it was a matter of putting down the ideas.

READ/REREAD : I have begun the reading of this book, this TOME. Lord God, does George R.R. Martin HAVE to write such monsters???? This one will take me until late summer to finish I’m thinking.

STRETCH : I have my postcards and my books for the signings in March, but I forgot about April! I am signing in April too, and now I don’t think I have enough books. How many books do YOU take to a signing? What about THREE signings? Do I triple the amount?

SELF : I didn’t get on the treadmill every day. I didn’t manage one day. Sigh. This is my Achilles Heel, I fear.

CONNECT : Finished one interview (podcast) and it will be up tomorrow here on the blog. Have one written, blog-type interview to do now and the others to come.

FUN : I DID get to watch all of Empire. This show is truly a guilty pleasure.

My goals for this week:

  • Write/revise : More on the outline. I am trying to learn how to do story beats and trying this method out.
  • Read/reread : Aside from A Feast for Crows, I am also trying to knock out my Kindle reads. I keep adding books to the darn thing and not getting any of them read.
  • Stretch : Get the postcards cut. There are two book covers per postcard and they have to be cut into two.
  • Self : This is the treadmill issue. I am going to get on it twice this week for ten minutes each. There. If I make it more specific maybe it will be easier.
  • Connect : Interview the King twins (who will also be at Author Rodeo Roundup) on Tuesday evening. They seem so FUN!
  • Fun : I want to play Fallout at least once this week. I keep feeling it pulling me…calling… me.
  • That’s about it you guys. I hope you have a splendid week. I will be over to visit your blog soon!

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    1. Sounds like you made great progress on your goals last week! Hope it’s another productive one for you!

    2. The treadmill/exercise is my Achilles’ Heel too! I don’t think I had this in my Writer Recharge goals, but it *is* a goal for the year in general and I totally failed last week. Here’s hoping this week is better!

      But great job on the goals you did accomplish! Woohoo!

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