Writer Recharge: Final Week

WriterRecharge 2015

Wow. This recharge went by so fast. I think I am so busy these days time is flying by. So here is what I hoped to do/write this week:

Write/revise: Get at least another 500 words written on The Galileo Strategy. Do edits for Deadly Array because I have them and need to get them done.

Read/reread: Try to get through another chapter of this big fat tome.

Stretch: Check out print proofs for Love Inn and Ten Tips and the swag for the signings are due in soon as well. Have to cut up postcards and buy a tablecloth.

Self: Force myself into something healthy. Either food or exercise. It has to be done.

Connect: Have found some folks online that I would love to have on the show. Thinking about emailing…

Fun: Monday night, TV and to bed early. Tuesday, have a funeral to go to and spend time with my kids, Wednesday – Empire and American Idol night, Thursday, write like the wind. Friday, read. Yes, all that IS fun.

Here is what I managed to do:

Write/revise: I did get all the edits done for Deadly Array. Did NOT get any new writing done. We had two funerals (one I did not go to but was sad just the same) this past week and seriously? I didn’t have the energy or inclination. I have to be in a mindset to write. Just. No.

Read/reread: I am up to 155 in the book I am reading. It is not a drop in the bucket but I will persevere because it is a huge book and a good one.

Stretch: Finalized the print proof for Love Inn and trying to decide if I am happy with the print version of Ten Tips. It’s not bad…but the typography on the back could be better. I am running out of time to decide though, because the events start in March (yeah, now.)

Self: Hardly managed to get on the treadmill and really didn’t do well with diet. Well, my mindset was not really there I guess.

Connect: Have sent blog post questions to Patricia Neeley-Dorsey for an online interview…waiting to get back. She is a very popular Mississippi poet who has magnolia flowers for imagery that is just beautiful. I like what she can write.

Fun: I did manage to see some of the shows on Monday night and on Wednesday and Thursday I did watch AI and did a bit of tweeting about it all. So that was fun.

It has been a weird week all the way around. I am looking forward to a new week and happier times ahead. March promises to be a great month for me as an author, so there is much to do and much to look forward to. I intend to write more. I really do.

I want to thank the ladies who put together this awesome month of Writer Recharge. It has been fun- and I did get some stuff done.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. So sorry about the difficult week you’ve had, Kim, and it makes sense that you’re not up for tons of writing/editing. Also, for me, February is pretty much the worst month for diet and exercise. What is it about cold weather that makes me want to carb-load? Here’s to a fresh start in March. 🙂 Congrats on all of the amazing things you accomplished during #WriterRecharge. I’ve had so much fun following along with your progress! (Also, totally random — I love the color scheme of your blog. So fresh and spring-ish!)

  2. Sounds like we made about the same amount of progress on our diet/exercise goals. I really didn’t make a dent in that one at all. :-/ Oh well. We can still do it! I think you made awesome progress on your writing goal. Finishing up edits is pretty huge! Best of luck with adding new words going forward!

  3. I’m very sorry for your losses (funerals seems to be all I did so far this year). Congrats on getting all your edits done. that’s fantastic.

  4. So sorry about your difficult times, Kim. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Thank you so much for joining #WriterRecharge – you’ve accomplished a lot!

  5. Hi Kim, sounds like it was a bummer of a week. I know what you mean about energy and mindset – it all needs to come together for it to work.

    But overall it seems like you had a good month – and you’ve got goals in mind for March, so that’s good! Thanks so much for joining us on the Recharge – yes, those four weeks went way too quickly, didn’t they?

    Here’s to a better week!

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