Writer Recharge: Final Week

WriterRecharge 2015

Wow. This recharge went by so fast. I think I am so busy these days time is flying by. So here is what I hoped to do/write this week:

Write/revise: Get at least another 500 words written on The Galileo Strategy. Do edits for Deadly Array because I have them and need to get them done.

Read/reread: Try to get through another chapter of this big fat tome.

Stretch: Check out print proofs for Love Inn and Ten Tips and the swag for the signings are due in soon as well. Have to cut up postcards and buy a tablecloth.

Self: Force myself into something healthy. Either food or exercise. It has to be done.

Connect: Have found some folks online that I would love to have on the show. Thinking about emailing…

Fun: Monday night, TV and to bed early. Tuesday, have a funeral to go to and spend time with my kids, Wednesday – Empire and American Idol night, Thursday, write like the wind. Friday, read. Yes, all that IS fun.

Here is what I managed to do:

Write/revise: I did get all the edits done for Deadly Array. Did NOT get any new writing done. We had two funerals (one I did not go to but was sad just the same) this past week and seriously? I didn’t have the energy or inclination. I have to be in a mindset to write. Just. No.

Read/reread: I am up to 155 in the book I am reading. It is not a drop in the bucket but I will persevere because it is a huge book and a good one.

Stretch: Finalized the print proof for Love Inn and trying to decide if I am happy with the print version of Ten Tips. It’s not bad…but the typography on the back could be better. I am running out of time to decide though, because the events start in March (yeah, now.)

Self: Hardly managed to get on the treadmill and really didn’t do well with diet. Well, my mindset was not really there I guess.

Connect: Have sent blog post questions to Patricia Neeley-Dorsey for an online interview…waiting to get back. She is a very popular Mississippi poet who has magnolia flowers for imagery that is just beautiful. I like what she can write.

Fun: I did manage to see some of the shows on Monday night and on Wednesday and Thursday I did watch AI and did a bit of tweeting about it all. So that was fun.

It has been a weird week all the way around. I am looking forward to a new week and happier times ahead. March promises to be a great month for me as an author, so there is much to do and much to look forward to. I intend to write more. I really do.

I want to thank the ladies who put together this awesome month of Writer Recharge. It has been fun- and I did get some stuff done.


  • Katy Upperman

    So sorry about the difficult week you’ve had, Kim, and it makes sense that you’re not up for tons of writing/editing. Also, for me, February is pretty much the worst month for diet and exercise. What is it about cold weather that makes me want to carb-load? Here’s to a fresh start in March. 🙂 Congrats on all of the amazing things you accomplished during #WriterRecharge. I’ve had so much fun following along with your progress! (Also, totally random — I love the color scheme of your blog. So fresh and spring-ish!)

  • Jaime Morrow

    Sounds like we made about the same amount of progress on our diet/exercise goals. I really didn’t make a dent in that one at all. :-/ Oh well. We can still do it! I think you made awesome progress on your writing goal. Finishing up edits is pretty huge! Best of luck with adding new words going forward!

  • Jana Denardo

    I’m very sorry for your losses (funerals seems to be all I did so far this year). Congrats on getting all your edits done. that’s fantastic.

  • Elodie

    So sorry about your difficult times, Kim. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Thank you so much for joining #WriterRecharge – you’ve accomplished a lot!

  • Sara Biren

    Hi Kim, sounds like it was a bummer of a week. I know what you mean about energy and mindset – it all needs to come together for it to work.

    But overall it seems like you had a good month – and you’ve got goals in mind for March, so that’s good! Thanks so much for joining us on the Recharge – yes, those four weeks went way too quickly, didn’t they?

    Here’s to a better week!

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