#Writer Recharge 2014

So I went out to visit my friend, Kristi Rose’s blog and found she is doing a month-long motivational challenge to get her writing going strong into 2014. I read up on it and by George, I want to do this too!
Writer Recharge
So here is my #writerrecharge post.

* My goal for the month of February is 250 words a day.
* I will update my progress on Mondays here on the old blogarama.
* Through the month I will use the hashtag #writerrecharge to connect with other writers
* February 28 I will post my final update via blog
* I will do this! (because I might actually win one of five query or 3 chapter critiques!

IF you are interested in participating, or maybe just following along and keeping me going by posting attagirls, you can get more info at Sara Biren’s site.


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  1. Sara Biren

    Hurray! Glad you’re joining in. Best of luck with your goals and see you at #WriterRecharge!

  2. Kip Wilson Rechea

    So nice to meet you through #WriterRecharge! Best of luck meeting your goal. I look forward to mutual cheering-onning. 🙂

  3. anya monroe

    Nice! You can totally do this!

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