Writer Groupie Podcast

record it!

Writer Groupie Podcast is at it again!

Hey everyone — it’s been a wild few months, and I know I had to cancel many of you, my potential guests. But I am happy to report that we are getting back on track over here and so…tada! I want to book again. If you are interested in being on Writer Groupie Podcast, please drop me an email (link info here).

I would like to interview book writing coaches, editors, cover artists, and anyone in the industry who helps authors with their craft. I am always going to host authors, of course! So, if you are ready to record, I am ready to stick that mic in your nose. haha.

Seriously, I hope everyone is having a great summer. Writer Groupie Podcast used to take summers off because that was when I got a lot of writing done. This is an unusual summer though, and I don’t think doing a podcast every week is going to be a bit of problem where my writing is concerned because it is sort of non-existent at this point.

I look forward to hosting you, dear writer friend. Get on the list — I am sure it will book up fast. And please share this with your friends…and tweet it up!

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