Writer Groupie Episode 8–Goals for Writers

Writer Groupie Episode 8–Goals for Writers

Welcome to the Writer Groupie podcast. I’m Kim Smith the writing guru bringing you discussions, insights, and insider details on how to plan, produce, promote and profit as a writer.

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Welcome to the Writer Groupie Podcast.


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Show Notes:
This episode is all about goals and setting them. If you are like me and hate the thought of goals, this will be a great starter podcast for you.


Remember my post not long ago about my five year goals? (You can find it HERE) — what I want to achieve — good starting place.

The strategy:
Write achievable goals. Make them something small and obtainable. Especially if you are new at this writing life.

For instance:

Hourly goals
* Write how many hours you can devote to this writing venture. Maybe it is only one hour a day. Write that down, put it somewhere you will see it and tell everyone to leave you alone during that time.

Page count
*Write out how many pages a day/week/month you want to achieve.
(I keep up with word count)
*This gives you a tangible way of keeping up with what steps you are making to get to your goals.

Advanced writers:

*Make a goal list of submissions/queries so you know how many touches in the industry you are getting/making/achieving.

*Keep a list of projects you are creating. If you say for your New Year’s resolution that you are going to write one book, five short stories, three poems, and seventeen articles, but you don’t have any sort of goal list to keep up with what you are and are not doing, then … you need one.

These are short term goals, easy to write out, easy for you to keep track of, and remember, Excel is a wonderful tool to help with your goals. Some people don’t call them goals, some people are scared if they say goals, then fail at keeping them, they will be faced with failure, so if you are one of those, feel free to call them something else.

And do keep up with me. I am trying to reach my five year goals.

And so it goes…

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