Writer Groupie : Episode 6-Procrastination

Writer Groupie : Episode 6-Procrastination

Welcome to the Writer Groupie podcast. I’m Kim Smith the writing guru bringing you discussions, insights, and insider details on how to plan, produce, promote and profit as a writer.

Welcome to the Writer Groupie Podcast.


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Here we are at Episode six and we are just now getting around to discussing my favorite topic. Procrastination. Yes, by discussing procrastination we are even now procrastinating.

What exactly is procrastination?

It’s taking time to do something else and allowing it to stop you from doing what you know you should be. IE that video game you love, yeah, you know that thing is not going to morph into a robot that will wash all those dishes in the sink. And that season premiere of your favorite television sitcom is not going to help you plot your novel.

And every time we sit down to do something that takes us away from what we know we should be doing, we get the guilties. Okay, I guess I am talking about me most of all. I get some sort of guilt complex going on when I end up sitting outside reading in the sun when I should be editing the S and D saga.

What is the S and D saga you ask? Well, just wait. The news about it is forthcoming. You did sign up for my newsletter right? You didn’t? Well, go to https://www.kimsmithauthor.com and do that right now. I’ll wait.

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Now about procrastination… which I just totally allowed you to do. You should have been listening to this podcast but you went off and signed up for my newsletter, and that veered you off of the course of our discussion. Procrastination at its best.

Unless you like Facebook. Or Twitter. Or listening to other podcasts. Then they become a tool of procrastination as well. And yes, I am utterly guilty.

I play games sometimes on Facebook and boy what a time waster those things are. I mean, hours will zip by and you won’t realize how half of your weekend is already gone until you get up to stretch and see the clock.

So bottom line folks, don’t procrastinate. It will ruin your word count. It will keep you from accomplishing all the shiny goals you wrote out in January. It will make you mad as a blue jay fighting over the birdbath. Just don’t do it.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled writing time. And so it goes.

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