Writer Groupie Episode 43 Book Cover Design with Aaron Drown

Book Cover Art and Design

Welcome, Groupies! Welcome to Episode 43! Today I interview Aaron Drown of Aaron Drown Designs. Aaron tells us all about design work and things to look for in book cover art and things to stay away from if we are DiY-ing.

In my intro, I update you on Disk of Death, my first Shannon Wallace mystery, and let you know what is going on with me and Nano. It’s only on the audio version of the podcast, so be sure to check it out.

Off we go…and on with the show!

Aaron Drown has his own business in design work (including book cover design!), and has many items in print, as well as digitally. He is an author also, and I am happy to have him on Writer Groupie Podcast.


In this episode, we learn about:

  • How working at Kinko’s(now owned by Fed Ex) led Aaron to become a book cover artist/graphic designer
  • We create a new name for what Aaron does, (and yes, it is an indie name) and we discuss a little about today’s indie movement in the arts
  • What he feels an author’s strength is versus an author as an artist
  • How cover art should be designed (less is more)
  • How Hellscapes II (Seventh Star Press) cover art (Aaron’s design) is a well-done design, ie. focal point, color scheme, etc.
  • How authors sometimes have trouble relinquishing control of the art to the artist when it is so critical–and how it is a collaborative effort between the two
  • Whether people on the covers sell more books or not and whether that argument is even a matter of design
  • Insider details: THREE TIPS FOR DIY
  • How typography plays a big part in design and what you should do to get it right
  • Aaron’s best advice for an aspiring designer
  • BONUS: the MOST important thing for aspiring authors/artists


Find Aaron Drown on these sites:
Aaron’s design site
Aaron’s Facebook

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