Writer Groupie Episode 38 Orphaned books with Jennifer Anderson

Writer Groupie Episode 38 Orphaned books with Jennifer Anderson

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Good day, Groupies! After watching this episode back, I realize there are a lot of glitches in this episode. I apologize. Skype definitely was not our friend this time.

If you want to hear my introduction for this show, please be sure to listen to the AUDIO ONLY version for the latest and greatest of what’s going on with me, the show, and what’s new in the writing world. See the audio link below.

Don’t forget–you can see the upcoming guest list on the WG page here and I hope you enjoy each episode!

Now off we go, and on with the show!


jennifer anderson author

Jen is full of great information and inspiration for authors, so I am excited to have her on Writer Groupie Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss her journey from writer to published author and then to her present situation with orphaned books..


In this episode, we learn about:

  • Jen’s writing journey with her Honey Creek Series, and what she will have to do about the series title now that her publisher has gone out of business.
  • What she is going to do now that she no longer has a home for her work. Insider details about re-editing for new publishers.
  • What she thinks her biggest challenge will be in self-publishing her work.
  • Information : Focus, release schedules, and other things to help in publishing.
  • How being a former acquisitions editor and marketing coordinator will aid her with future endeavors.
  • Inspiration : Advice to an author facing life with orphaned books.
  • Insider details about author interviews that she hosts on her website (she tells us which one is her fav) and she TELLS HOW TO BE INTERVIEWED ON HER BLOG (FREE PROMO! PAUL WEST!!!)
  • She tells us whether having a blog is still a viable way to market our work.
  • Tips for aspiring author from Jennifer Anderson
  • Does being blocked mean your outline isn’t working? FIND OUT IN THIS EPISODE!
  • Jennifer Anderson’s sites :
    Blog: Musings at the Peanut Gallery
    Website: Jenandersonauthor.com
    Facebook: Jennifer Anderson, author
    Twitter :



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