Writer Groupie Episode 34 Robert Williscroft, Slingshot

Slingshot by Robert Williscroft

Robert Williscroft is a fantastic science fiction author, speaker, and professional whose latest novel, Slingshot is now available on Amazon for pre-order. Robert is full of great information and inspiration for authors, so I am excited to have him on Writer Groupie Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss his journey from idea to story, and upcoming events.


  • Discussion about what sent him off on a writing journey that ultimately became Slingshot.
  • Details about what a space slingshot is (or could be/will be one day!)
  • Inside info about the sequel to Slingshot, The Starchild Compact.
  • Slingshot purchase details and a plea for reviews.
  • Information about the making of Robert’s short story (coming soon) called Daedalus, a mashup of modern man’s wingsuits and other fantastic elements, and how it may be coming out from Analog!!
  • Insider details about the Space Launch Loop, aka a sub-group focused on space elevators, and their current conference called the International Space Elevator Conference in Seattle and Robert’s feature presentation of Slingshot.
  • Robert shows off his swag for the con and invites Writer Groupies to come and check it out.
  • Robert’s writing style with what if? and using real science
  • robert williscroft

    Find Robert Williscroft at his site at http://www.argee.net


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