Writer Groupie Episode 26 The Magic Formula

Writer Groupie Episode 26 The Magic Formula

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I was reading an old blog post on someone’s blog about Amanda Hocking’s numbers back in 2010. She was rejected in February of 2010 by an agent who told her the book she was shopping around didn’t have a market. Then she went on to sell it herself. She self-published her work. Not a novel idea any longer, but her numbers still stand.

In December of 2010, Hocking’s SELF PUBLISHED novel, SWITCHED, sold 13,555 copies at Amazon, 9929 copies at Barnes & Noble, and 314 paperbacks.

I know I know. Some people out there are going to say, oh but look how long ago that was, the world is a very different place today. Ereaders abound, books abound, nobody can get that much of the market today. Blah Blah Blah.

Here’s my take: Yes. YES YOU CAN.

Readers are still looking for good books. If you have one, then there has to be a group of readers out there just waiting for it. It only takes a handful of happy readers telling their friends who tell their friends. It starts out as a trickle, folks.

I am of the mind like C J Lyons who says, the formula for writing a bestseller is this:

1. Write a great book. The best you have in you.
2. Get it edited within an inch of its little digital life.
3. Put a cover on it that people look at and then look at again.
4. And give readers time to find it. The book world is a massive place these days. It might take a minute for someone to discover you. Go out there and promote it for a little while.
5. Get back in the writing chair and do it again. And again. And yes, again. Until you die.

I would love to have Ms. Hocking’s success. But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. I ain’t gonna sit around and worry about it. I’m going to get another book out. You should too.

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