Writer Groupie Episode 23: Interview with the King Twins

Writer Groupie Episode 23: Interview with the King Twins

king twins

Margaret and Kat King write about being twins. Their first book, Y’all Twins? is a coming-of-age story about growing up in Mississippi in the 1950s. They are also rappers of a new breed, K-Rappers, so to speak, so I am excited to have them on Writer Groupie Podcast.

In this episode, recorded on Valentine’s Day, we discuss Margaret and Kat’s journey as a collaborative writing team and other entertaining items of their lives.

We discuss:

  • The King Twin rappers and how they came to be a marketing tool
  • What’s coming up for the K-rappers
  • Info about the Author Rodeo Roundup and what they plan to do this year and a look at last year as well
  • How they got started on their writing journey
  • How Y’all Twins? came to be and how it was followed by the second book of Which is Which?
  • How they write as a collaborative team and how the characters of Lucy and Ethel come to mind
  • Info about growing up twins and who was the REAL rascal
  • How classic author, William Faulkner, played a role in their lives
  • The King Twins advice for aspiring authors
  • What they want people to know about their lives that really matters to them in regards to their third book, My Josephine.

    The King Twins

    Find Margaret and Kat at their site at Y’all Twins? the website


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