Writer Groupie Episode 21: Interview with author, Dr. Robert Williscroft

robert g williscroftThe Starchild Compact

Dr. Robert G. Williscroft is an adventurer, deep sea diver, nuclear submariner, polar explorer, and author to name a few of his accomplishments. See his website here at this link to see what all he has done in his life. He will educate and entertain you all in the span of the first five minutes of our interview. Robert’s many achievements encourages us to greater heights with our work by the knowledge that we CAN DO THIS! We are only limited by gravity, as I am known to say.
robert williscroft
I am excited to have this powerful influencer on Writer Groupie Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss his books and how his experiences have shaped them.




We discussed:

  • Robert’s experiences and his desire to go to space
  • Why Iapetus intrigued him and how it ended up in his book, The Starchild Compact
  • His first book, which is not a prequel to Starchild, called Operation Ivy Bells and how it came to be
  • His favorite experience out of all the variety in his life
  • What aspiring authors can do with their own experiences and how to turn them into books
  • Insider details on remolding ideas-how to do it and how characters make a story come alive
  • Why having a credible edge makes sci fi more readable, but how details should be general enough to not date a story
  • Does such an authority as himself go to others for resources?
  • Insider details on the an idea he has called The Link, and how recently technology developed something that will make it seem even more plausible.
  • A look at The Slingshot, the prequel to The Starchild Compact which is coming soon.


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