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Writer Groupie Episode 20 Interview with Kim Huther, proofreader

Kim Huther is the owner and operator of Wordsmith Proofreading Service. She does proofreading, and copy editing for writers of all creation. Kim inspires authors to achieve greater heights with their work by her most excellent ability to turn words into art. I am excited to have her on Writer Groupie Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss her business and how she can help writers with their work.





  • What does a proofreader/copy editor do
  • What sorts of things have you seen in this business?
  • Why this is her dream job
  • Why she got into this business
  • What other jobs she has had
  • How cold-calling clients worked for her
  • Who her ideal client is
  • What is the difference between proofreading and copy editing
  • The stage a writer should be at in the process before contacting Kim
  • Insider details about Wordsmith Proofreading Services and how you can get a special gift from Kim when you are her client(trust me, this is something ALL writers want!)

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