How do you write flash fiction?

How do you write flash fiction?

Usually on Fridays I am putting a bit of flash fiction up, but today, I decided to talk about writing FF. How do you do these short bits?

Well first off, you have to have movement. The story needs to start off with a bang. Get someone moving. Second, you have to give the reader a little history. Let them understand where the story is coming from. Then, of course, you have to have a person. A character to relate the happenings. And next, a resolution. There has to be solving of the situation in the story. Finally, the character can reflect on what has happened and give us their happy ever after.

That’s pretty much all. Here is the list if you want to see it reduced to less than one hundred words (lol).


Happy flash fiction Friday! (and yes this post is less than 200 words)

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