The Best Way to Stop Worry

The Best Way to Stop Worry

Not long ago I posted about my business(es) and how I know business like nobody’s business. Well, that is true, but still, I am not a complete winner. Yes, as I hang my head, I have failed at stuff. Like leaving a job that is paying more money than I have ever made for another job to work from home. Not a good plan. Things that seem to good to be true oftentimes are just that.
Yet, for me, failure is no long an option. I cannot afford to fail any longer but I refuse to worry about making a life-changing mistake. You cannot live your life always fearful of tomorrow. But for some of us, we do this. We wake up every morning worried about something and go to bed worried about something else.

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So, what can you do to keep yourself from worrying and being fearful of making mistakes?

5 Ways You Can Beat Worry At Its Own Game

Worry and fear work from a place of negativism. If you take that away, worry and fear have no place to roost. So what I suggest are these things:

1. Turn that worry into a positive. Take away the negativism in it. If you are saying, “what if I can’t pay my car note?” then say, “What if I can pay it late?” If you are saying, “what will happen to us if I don’t get a job?” say, “What if I get a job and I can take my kids to a dinner out?”

2. Set about fixing the problem! This is a simple one, but it means a lot. I have found myself walking the floor, wringing my hands when I should have been out in the trenches DOING something about the situation. Get busy, even if you only go to one job interview, fill out one application, make one phone call to a creditor, do something to make you feel like you are headed in the right direction.

3. Find a few positive affirmations to say to yourself like a mantra while you are doing something to move you into a positive direction. Tell yourself what a wonderful person you are. Tell yourself that an employer is lucky to have you. Tell yourself that having money in the bank is a good thing *even if you don’t have ENOUGH-you have SOME and that IS a good thing*

4. Try something new. You never know. I started an art journal while I was unemployed and now it is a keepsake that my kids will have forever. I know my art stinks to high heaven, but it will be precious to them one day when I am gone. Take up art, learn to sew, try crochet. Do something that you can see physically growing into something every day.

5. Start exercising. I find that when my nervousness reaches its peak, I need something to do that is good for me. I know how much eating out costs and sometimes it is the thing we cut back on first. But cooking at home still has drawbacks, such as the quality of food we create. Well, those hamburgers and fries might be cheaper than that salad but you will regret that daily dose of it someday so try some walking to go along with it. Cut back on those naps, and try working out. It will improve your mindset as well as help your health.

Remember that everything happens for a reason, and this is only a season. There will be better days ahead.

What other things can someone do to take them from a position of worry and fear and put them into a healthier, more positive state of mind? Leave a comment!

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