What’s on your thing list?

What’s on your thing list?

If you knew you were coming up to the end of your life, what would be the last few things that you’d do?  Your THING list?

thing list

I don’t know what I would do, when it gets down to it. It would be nice if those things were something that mattered. Things that would leave a legacy. And, I sure do have a long list of things that I want to do. Yeah. Like Santa’s list. LOOOOONG.

Most people when they get to the last years of their life seem to only be able to consider very few things to accomplish. I guess there is less stress if the list is short. It has to be because the time runs short. But we could make a long list of those items that we want to see done and only make sure it was stuff that would matter to our left-behinds and the world at large.   

Now here’s an idea: What if we decided to hit that long list NOW instead of THEN?

See, waiting until the end of our days to accomplish that last most important “thing” list is not smart. There isn’t enough time. There isn’t any energy. And well, we will be busy remembering the things we did, not actively seeking out new things to do.  

This “thing” list needs to really be big stuff. IMPORTANT stuff.  It should point someone to something bigger, more impacting, longer lasting, and frankly, more interesting than my measly life. What about making it full of hope, love, and happiness? What if it made people think, really think, and ask questions about big ticket stuff, like the meaning of life?

Another boulder in the road of doing that “thing” list in the last days is, if you fail at it, well you are just a failure. Try try again won’t happen. No way you can repair the broken things, and try to make them work. And finding creativity is harder with every new year. Believe me, I know this one. Some of us run short on funds to put forth for new ventures also. Those last items on the old bucket list, if we do it right, should be LOUD and clanging and make people take note. Hard to do that when our bodies and minds and voices are in the waning era of life.  

So, what is to be done? Start now. Start today. Make that “thing” list and get busy. Quit telling yourself that you will do that “thing” when you have enough money, retire, the kids move away, get married, get divorced, lose ten pounds, etc. STOP stop stop. The time is now. The world needs your input. 

So do I. 

What would you put in your “thing” list?

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  1. Now this is an interesting post…..I am ill…and it could or could not kill me…sooner than I would have expected……so I have already started the “thing” list!! LOL!!
    If a person knows they are getting close to the end..the first thing is to make sure all important paperwork is good to go…updated…I have a letter already written for my son..he will be the computer guy…to delete accounts…notify people…etc….Hubby has all the wishes for burial and such……and a list of where, what, and how..to change accounts for the money…..
    Next I began getting rid of papers that really only had meaning for me….stuff that kid and hubby would say- oh..keep these..mom had them..but is reality….they mean nothing to them..so…I took care of a lot of that….and some pictures too….
    Then I approached the closet and drawers!!!! And the jewelry….have given a lot a way..to people I know would appreciate it…..anything less for the men folk to deal with when I am gone..I worked on over the Winter….And that included books, fabric, yarn, craft stuff…all that little stuff we collect all our lives…..
    Since we are big gardeners….and hubby has no clue how it gets planted (LOL!! )- I have file folders for him….letting him easily look up and plant anything he wants….and have marked seeds…left info for supply catalogs….And since the flowers and herbs mean more to me than him..left easy care info for him..and said- if he did’nt want it..yank it, or give it away…..
    NOW….on to the big stuff!!!!! Because of my illness..flying is out….the cabin pressure would kill me! It has to be car or train or boat!!!! I know I want to travel across the country by train…and I want to spend a lot of time in Maine…..love that state. Those two things are what I am planning….and thinking about…..not real sure when it will happen…..
    I have let go of a LOT of things that use to bother me a bit..that is important…and have quit worrying about a ton more things too!!
    But I whole heartedly agree with you..THINGS need to be done..long before we leave this Earth……I am not sure I will leave anything of a legacy…..except with my family and a few friends….knowing me as a giving person..helping person…hard worker…loyal…Hopefully to my son, i have passed those traits on to him..so he will be a good person….and I see..so far…that he is a good person…hard working..likable among peers….loyal…
    I don’t worry or think…past all of this…it is what it is….If I can at the very least..make the teduim of death, easier on my husband…then I will be satisfied…train or not..Maine or no….I have had a very good life…and count myself lucky to have married a guy..that has my back!

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