What’s on my Kindle?

and which ones are unread yet!

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

So, happy Sunday, yes, I am late with my blog post. I apologize, but I have had the absolute worst case of bronchitis and upper respiratory stuff that I have had in a long while. I was tested for Covid, Flu, and everything in between, and it was none of those. Just a good old-fashioned chest cold. Yep. They still exist, folks.

And thanks to that, I am way behind on everything, newsletter, podcast, and blog posts. Not to mention my writing for May. Oh boy. Is that ever a touchy subject. I hope to pen at least 500 words when I finish this. I just have to or all may be lost here. Well, okay, not everything, but I will feel a whole lot better if I get something done.

If you are reading for the Kindle content, here is the list:

Throne of Glass, Sarah J Maas – have not read any of her work before

Death’s Awakening, Sarra Cannon

The Singularian, Sandy Butchers – this is an illustrated anthology

The Hero of the Ages, Brandon Sanderson

The Trouble with Goodbye, Sarra Cannon

and that is just the fiction…whew. I have a ton in paper as well but that is a post for another day.

Oh, and by the way, these above are also the unread ones. I have done pretty well getting through some books in my TBR this year. Hope the trend continues.

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