What I Know: Post Con Wrapup

What I Know: Post Con Wrapup

Post-Con – what I know

I am back from the con, and I survived! Ha-ha–there should be a tee shirt that says “I survived ________ con.” It is a really exhausting experience for those of us who are not used to being “peopled” all day. ¬†You feel mentally drained. I also felt physically drained after spending 14 hours in the car going and coming. Thank God for my pal, Linda Rettstatt. She is an excellent driver, and we had a great time talking about writing and books on the trip.


My post-con advice would be to be sure to drink a lot of water! I did that this time(not so much in the past) and I think it helped stave off the “con-crud” that goes along with these trips.

The panels were awesome. I had so much fun listening to my contemporaries sharing knowledge and ideas. I learned a lot about things I didn’t know but I also learned that I know quite a lot!

The biggest takeaway for me: I know WHAT I know. My knowledge base is mostly in the craft of writing. I feel qualified THOROUGHLY to discuss writing craft, publishing ideas, and marketing tips. This is my wheel-house. I intend to be included in more of those sorts of panels in the future, because I noted there are a lot of authors out there sort of going in circles on these subjects. They “think” they know what they are doing but their confidence in all of those gray areas, well, that’s what they love to hear about. They just need confirmation.

I did, too, at one time.

But now, I know what I know. I believe that an aspiring author can trust what I say because I know what I say is the absolute truth.

Very happy to be home, and grateful for the opportunity to be included in Imaginarium. I am going to be hosting Stephen Zimmer on the podcast later this month as a sort of wrap-up. Be sure to go out and fan, follow, and friend me on all my social media sites so you don’t miss it!

See below an interview with Judy Alter, Mystery Author.



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