What do I need for hurricane season?

What do I need for hurricane season?

Since moving to Florida recently, all I seem to hear is what to do for a hurricane. Well, I keep telling everyone we are NOT having any of that here. I refuse to ever have to live through one, or flee from one. Not. Going. To. Happen.

But, in case I am wrong, here are a few things that you should know about what to do for preparations in the event of a hurricane.

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Hurricanes: Things you can get now

  • Create a “go-bag” – this was something that we did before even moving down here. We know that there are a lot of instances where you might need to grab a bag and “go”, and so we have a bag all prepped. I recently emailed with the Chief Disruptor at Geardisciple.com and he turned me onto this FANTASTIC article on go-bags and you can check it out here: https://geardisciple.com/72-hour-pack-emergency-kit-bug-out-bag/
  • Get your car in order. Yes, even before you do anything with your house, because you will need to flee quickly, no time to wait. And get that battery checked, and those brakes looked at, oil changed, wiper blades fixed, the whole tamale. Do that now, by the way.
  • Stock up on batteries and candles and matches and get an emergency radio. This is mostly for those diehards who wait until the last minute and plan on staying for the wind party. Don’t delay. Get today.
  • Why are you still reading this? I am telling you to go and do this, and get that, TODAY because chances are if you wait, you will not find what you need. Generators sell out FAST and you may need one!

Hurricane preparedness is not a joking matter

“You take unacceptable risk, you have to be prepared to face the consequence.”

Carly Fiorina

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/carly_fiorina_455316?src=t_be_prepared

PS– Some items to put in that go-bag before a hurricane

  • Non-perishable food – the kind that hikers eat
  • water- I cannot stress this enough – you need water and plenty of it
  • flashlight and batteries – have extras
  • medical kit- you can buy as big or small as needed even at walmart
  • wireless charger for electronics that work in the car
  • walkie talkies in case you are separated from family
  • rain coat, blanket, or best of all, a tarp

If you can think of anything else that could be added, please leave a comment. Your thoughts could save a life!


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