What am I reading? #Amreading

What am I reading? #Amreading

Does any one still use the am reading hashtag? me!

Sometimes, I think it is good to remember that we were readers before we were writers. I try hard not to neglect the multitudes of books I have on my shelves, many of them waiting to be read. So, today, I am asking the age old question: what is in your TBR pile?

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My to-be-read pile grows ever longer every year, but I am working my way through a few .


This year so far I have read Demons Forever by Sarra Cannon, and The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods.

I try to read at least one digital and one paper book when I am on a reading frenzy. Right now I am reading Flowers on Main Street by Sherryl Woods, and Emerald Darkness by Sarra Cannon. And also, I am working my way through a digital gift of a book called I’ll Take You to see the Ocean by Chantal Bellehumeur – this one is for a review, and also White Roses in Winter by Barbara Meyers which was loaned to me by a friend, and highly recommended.

I love to read, when I have time. I cannot wait to give some reviews! Are you a reviewer? I will give you a free book if you want to review for me.

IF you are reading some good books, please feel free to leave a comment down below. Reading is important to all of us, and now with the pandemic, an enjoyable pastime revisited. I hope spring is being kind to you, and look forward to seeing you in my next post.

See below for links to the books I am reading. These are affiliate links and I make a few pennies if you buy one. Thanks for your support!

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