What about social media marketing?

What about social media marketing?

and why do we do it?

Social media marketing is nothing new. Authors have been using it for years. I personally have been marketing my work on social media since the early 2000s because it was the only thing we could do and feel successful. Trad pub was still king at that time and SM was still very new.

Today, by the same token, it has become so popular and to be honest, overused, that most folks don’t like to even talk about social media marketing.

Marketers ruin it for all of us, so says Gary V and I honestly believe that.

There is no social media platform available to us today that hasn’t been flatlined by marketers. How many ads do you hide, or close, or block on your accounts? You see what I mean.

So what do we do now about social media marketing?

Well, first, realize that too much is …well too much. And maybe readdress your efforts. Authors are somewhat limited on where they can tout their wares as it were. There are some spots that are still a little underused, though, such as doing a collab with another author and getting mention in their newsletter. Trying to reach an audience you do not have connection with is really hard but getting another author to help you out, very beneficial.

I will be keeping you up to date on this blog as to what is coming in the new year for KS, author. I am going to be doing a major rebranding, so stay tuned! Talk about needing help with marketing! Oy vey!

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