Welcome to the Weekend (a real update!)

Woo hoo! The weekend is here! How’s everybody doing? It’s Saturday…it’s going to be a lovely day to be out planning our gardens and enjoying the respite from winter. At least, in the mid south where I am this is true. No garden dreams for me today, though. I will be working hard today with my video production job. I am sort of a grunt at this job, and by the end of the shoot, I feel like I have had a real workout. I also will be doing some photography and that is always fun.

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Photography sort of tweaks my writing brain in a different way. There is something creative about setting up a shot to take. I am a micro person. I love close ups. I love to get right in the heart of the subject and get the minute details that a long shot will miss. Anyway, that’s pretty much it for my weekend.
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Things here in world of Kim Smith, author are pretty busy, too. I have to input the work I turned out on Unplugged Thursday to the computer, I am still crafting a YA short story, have new edits to do on the caper mystery, and am about to be done with the next release. Maybe this weekend will see this done.
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It is a romance! It is more than that though. It is a romance about finding love after 40. Hen-lit I think it has been called. It is a sweet romance, and has a touch of humor. Anyone over 40 who is looking for love knows how funny it is. No longer does the older single person seek approval on appearance or life choice. It’s more about finding someone who won’t care if you leave the toilet seat up, or use ten sweeteners in your coffee.
hen lit
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I am not sure of the title yet, which is sort of weird for me, I always work from the title. But it is a re-release so maybe that’s why. You get attached to the title of a story and to re-issue it with a new title etc. can be rattling. I will have to work on that this weekend.

It’s a little on the long side for a short story, over 10,000 words but a perfect size for an afternoon in the sun at the beach or pool. I hope you enjoy it. I will be hopefully releasing it late this month or early next. The situation is, I am so busy with book signings, I have to fit all the writing, editing, and cover art design in around my schedule. (And by the way, my newsletter subscribers will be the first to get excerpts, or maybe the first chapter. I haven’t decided yet. So if you haven’t signed up, you should reallllllly do that!)

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I am currently planning on being at That Bookstore in Blytheville AR on April 18 (OMG- that’s next weekend!) for the Spring Fling Booksigning with my good friends Kimberly Koz and Linda Rettstatt. Linda’s site is http://www.lindarettstatt.com and Kim’s site is http://www.kimberlykoz.com and I really hope you will join us. We are bringing donuts and books. No better combo than that!
And I am planning another trip for the fall…more about this to come! Subscribe to the newsletter – get the news first!

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