Weekly list : no recipe

Weekly list : no recipe

So, I have exciting news! Today, I am posting up my linky list, and not a recipe. Well, that is exciting for some people. If you want a recipe, check out the one here for chicken spaghetti. It’s delicious.

Also, coming next week to the blog will be my big end of the year post. I know you are anticipating that.

Some things to remember that I am planning in 2017 –

  1. Less blog posts. Sorry but that is a definite. I will be sending out more newsletters to my subscribers though, so SIGN UP!
  2. Big changes to the podcast! If you are not a follower, fan, or subscriber over at Writer Groupie, go and do that also.
  3. More books! I am working on two at a time right now. Yes, Shannon is going to be a busy character.

So here is your list of links for this week. I have company in house for the holidays so we may skip next week.


What is a hybrid publisher?

REBLOG: How To Publish Anthologies, Boxsets and Run Multi-Author Promotions By Derek Murphy

The Passive Voice

Twitter Analytics

Book Title Generator

Finish that novel

POV and tense

Yes, I know it is a short list…but it is the CHRISTMAS season…and Santa’s Elf, Kim Smith, is very busy. I will bring more and better in 2017 – I promise! (hey, seven links is a lucky number…right?)

Be sure to check out my CHRISTMAS HEIST story by subscribing to the newsletter over in the sidebar. Please be a Zanie- we have a lot of fun and there will be BIG giveaways next year in anticipation of my next book coming out. More news about that in 2017 also. I know, I know…I keep saying that. But there are so many things to prepare you for!

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a great week!


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  1. Newsletter are great! I read all that I subscribe too…I sometimes have a hard time following blogs…..You know..life goes in circles..and is always changing…..change is good..and writing more books is better!!

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