Weekly Links

I amused myself this morning by posting this title “Weekly Links” when I realized how close it was to Wikileaks. Oh boy. It doesn’t take much to amuse some of us, huh?

Anyway, here it is:


Janet Reid, Literary Agent : Six reasons your manuscript was rejected

The Seattle Times : Bookstores old and new add to thriving indie scene

Electric Lit : Proofreader’s marks every writer should know

The Book Designer : 7 Signs Your Book is “Professionally” Published

DIY MFA : What to expect from an editor

Art of Stories: Pacing your book so time will fly

Now Novel:  How to find time to write: 9 tips to get words down

Helping Writers Become Authors: Secrets of Story Structure Pt 1

Writers Write: The simplest way to use social media to drive traffic to your blog

The Write Practice : This new characterization technique could transform your writing


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