Weekly links: Mixed bag of goodies

Weekly links: Mixed bag of goodies

Good morning, lovelies! It’s a mixed bag for links this week. There is some stuff about Valentines Day (sorry, I know it’s over) and there is some stuff about blogs, stuff about technology, etc. It’s just fun to click a link and magically get transported to someone’s blog and see what they are talking about, isn’t it?

I am going to try to get a real blog post up here soon. I have a lot to share, but just no time to share it!

I also hope to be updating the website soon, so be sure to look for new stuff coming soon.

Speaking of bags, is anyone packing theirs to come to Mid South Con next month? Yes, I know. It’s already mid-February!


The Book Designer 

The Passive Voice


Self Publishing Advice


Plot to Punctuation


That’s it today, folks. I hope your week flies right by!


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