Weekend Wrapup and Couponing

Weekend Wrapup and Couponing

I know lately I have been talking a lot about money, saving, selling stuff to make it, etc. I hope you are enjoying it. I started last week writing a new ebook. It will be offered on this site. It chronicles this journey of mine and will give you all the details on my efforts and how I intend on getting out of the hole I am in. If you are new and haven’t even heard about “the hole” be sure to check out my Gofundme page.

So, many of you who are my writing friends will be happy to hear I am working on a book. It’s non-fic, self-help too, so it will have a wide appeal.

Weekend Wrapup and Couponing

The garage sale over the weekend was a much bigger success than I expected. Those of you who follow me on Facebook probably laughed until you cried over my nearly hourly reports on how much money I was making.

It ended up netting me $100 which I spent on groceries and gas in my car. (I also bought us lunch on Saturday and dinner on Sunday night – my hubby deserved to be treated for all the hard work he did). There is even money left over thanks to couponing, which you all should be doing. I never thought about couponing before (well, I didn’t have to!).

If you want to try it out for yourself to cut your food bill, try these apps that I downloaded to my iPhone:
Ibotta (also has a website)
Food Coupons – this is an app for iPhone on the app store…it lists restaurants in your area and gives you all their deals for the day, week, and ongoing. I ended up emailing myself sheets of coupons for Krystal and Burger King. Good deals for two people to eat cheap. Does not have a website that I can find.
Coupons.com has great grocery coupons and they are printable. I saved on cereal, and food items. My grocery trip this week was UNDER $50 !!

So, that’s about it. Hope your day flies by – I will be back with more ideas for saving money or making money soon. If you know something about couponing, leave me a comment with the info.

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Kim Smith is the author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and the Mt. Moriah Series- plus, YA fantasy, and Bizarro fiction. All available on Amazon.

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  1. I shop…oh twice a month sort of big…mostly for the non perishables..tp, soap, dog food….and twice a month small…for the perishables…eggs, milk, cheese…Coupons save a LOT! I did a small shop this past weekend and saved 15 dollars!!! on a 40 dollar order!! so..that is HUGE…it takes a little learning..what you but..what you need, what you want…and then to watch the stores…
    I’m glad you ate out ….EVERYONE deserves a treat…..with no guilt attached….
    We are limited to what stores we have near us..so my coupons are mostly store specific…but I still save….
    Also, with cars…there are some laces we get oil and filters and such..that offer rebates from the companies..it takes longer for the money return..but is nice..in 6 weeks, to get a 5 or 10 dollar check!
    And certain home improvement stores offer rebates too, on light bulbs, furnace filters, spark plugs….and you get store credit for the next time in…which is good for a year…I have a few of those sitting in my coupon box…for the Summer…when we need to get some things for work on the outside of the house..

    1. I am sort of just getting into the coupon thing. I have not done rebates at all but I will start. I can see how getting that check in the mail would be very TIMELY if you have forgotten about it and NEED it!

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