Weekend wrap-up

Sometimes weekends are slow and lazy and I don’t do much and surely don’t have anything to blog about concerning it. This past weekend doesn’t fall into that category. This past weekend was FULL of good writing things.

I actually got all of my critiques done for my gals, my own round of edits done for the next chapters about to be handed off to them, and started compiling my short stories for a possible novella of shorts that I am considering publishing.

I think a collection of my short work would be a fantastic read for most people. They are usually short, pretty much flash fiction sized stories, and thereby would be quick, fun jaunts.

I hope to get NEW writing done this week as well. Sometimes I feel like I have so many projects going on that getting to writing NEW stuff is harder than ever.

San Marcos Hotel (hard mix)
kevin dooley / Foter.com / CC BY

It sometimes feels like a long walk through a sunlit corridor of columns.

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