Weekend wrap up

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I had SUCH a busy weekend- did you? This time of year is always filled with special events but this weekend had even more than usual.

Saturday, I went to Oxford MS to the University of Mississippi to their commencement to see my daughter receive her Masters degree. Graduations are always such wonderful times but especially so when it is a family member. I was so proud and yes, I cried.

After the graduation we went to a lovely banquet in the student union to celebrate the accomplishments of these wonderful educators. I admit, I ate too much. But can you say no to barbeque in May??

Then we sped up the road to Memphis to go to the Brooks Museum to take in the Dali exhibit. OMG. I absolutely loved Surrealist art. It was the best fun I have had in years. I think if I were going to be an artist, I would be a Surrealist. And I am totally addicted to everything Dali.

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Then we ate again, and OMG. It was delicious and we were all so full we were miserable. Then we went shopping at Bargain Hunt to work it all off.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, my kids showered me with gifts including The Preppers Pocket Guide, (a book on how to survive a disaster) with a fun card, and a bag of gummy bears (which is what I treat myself with when I get my writing goals accomplished), and a big drawing pad (because after seeing the Dali exhibit, I realized that I would like to be able to draw my impressions from books I read) and maybe even storyboard my own.

Then out to eat again, and the weekend was over except for the super dooper nap I took. Whew. Love these events!

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