Wednesday links: creative smiles abound

Wednesday links: creative smiles abound


Creative people-unite

I believe in the human capacity to create. Our creativity is shown in every thing we do. If you are a parent, you are encouraging children as well as your own creativity. If you are a factory worker, you are a creative individual. There are some acts that are labeled creative (such as writing a book), but really, every time we smile at someone who needs it, we are being creative. Who could make a smile better than you?

Be creative-SMILE!
So, go out and check out these links, you, creative person, you.


Jane Friedman

The Passive Voice

Elizabeth Spann Craig

Helping Writers Become Authors

Anne R. Allen

It’s a short list this week, folks, but I am short on time. I will try to be back with more of my thoughts on creativity this weekend.


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