The weather the weather the weather

Think I will talk about the weather… what was your first clue?

I am tired of writing. I have been writing nearly non-stop since 2008 and I have no constant feeling of ever stopping. I have tried to stop. I quit once a week. It never fails though, as soon as I am convinced I will not write again, a story will pop in my mind while I am busy doing something else. Usually during a shower or an exercise routine.

But now, in the throes of fall, the calm before the storm of winter sets in, I just want to take a little break. Hunker down and eat bad food and watch movies, read books, and NOT write.

Will I do this?
1. No, because the weather is conducive to writing. I love the crisp air and brilliant blue skies. I will sit outside and dream up stories all the time.
2. No, because I want to be published and well-known(writing and writing a lot is required)- and have already begun crafting a query.
3. No, because my mama didn’t bring no quitter into this world. So there.

Thanks, Mom. And thanks to the WREG channel three weather guys. They predict a cold front tomorrow and highs in the 70s after that. Welcome fall!

Love Fall!
Love Fall!

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