Time wasters and how it affects business

Time wasters and how it affects business

How marriage and time wasters are related…

In my last post, I talked about my business and how busy I stay. I didn’t say much about downtime. Those moments when I don’t perform because I am busy doing something that is a time waster.

I have been married for a lonnng time. It’s evident when you can answer the other’s question before they finish the sentence. That’s because through the years, we have already answered that question at some point! Kidding.

But today a lot of young couples don’t take the time to learn their spouse properly. They don’t do any marriage preparation. When I got married for the first time I had to go to classes to learn how to argue properly, how to make decisions together, and how to deal with money and in-laws.

Of course, back then I thought it was silly. We could deal with all that stuff, right? We were in LOVE! I thought it was just a delay tactic in order to make us reconsider marriage. A sort of time-waster.

But some of that stuff is good advice when you put it into its proper perspective.

It can be applied to our businesses, as well, whether you’re blogging, writing books or some other online effort to make money – there are things that waste your time.



All spouses should turn off the television and take time to visit with one another at the end of the day. We catch up and have a laugh or two. We usually have the news on during our evening meal, though. Sometimes when it is on, we are pretty silent. We don’t really have conversation aside from “another murder?” or “oh no, not rain again!”. That time is sort of being wasted some nights due to the television taking the focus off of each other.

Likewise, the television takes the focus off of your business too. That hour you spend watching some mindless show could have been spent researching a book, marketing, or getting actual writing time in. You could write a whole chapter in that hour! GASP! I am going to spend less time in front of the “boob tube” as my mother used to call it and more time in a book, either writing it or reading it.


As I mentioned, my hubby and I are pretty into news stories when we spend time together. It’s morning news in the AM and evening news in the PM and the Weather Channel in between. The Weather Channel has been such a time waster, it was on non-stop recently. I even fell asleep to the constant updates of the weather. Granted we were having a spate of serious storms, but – yeah, time waster big time.

And the news is never GOOD! Seriously, all I have heard is robberies, murders, car jackings, and bad weather. It’s no wonder I have days where I have the blues. This is one thing that has to go in my life. I need positivity, not nasty news. Bad news sells news channels to advertisers I guess. It isn’t doing a thing for my business.

(ps) I was going to discuss how watching videos or playing on Pinterest is equally time waster-ing but – I got so far down the rabbit hole, I don’t have time to post any more time wasters. Suffice to say, there are a lot of ways you could be spending your time in a better way.

What are things or websites that distract you when you’re trying to get work done? What will you try to do to control the amounts of time you spend wasting time?

If you want to waste some time…how about a good read?
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