Vacations: don’t forget the others

Vacations: don’t forget the others

Summer is here and everyone is traveling. At least, that is how it feels to me. Yes, this is a whiny, self-indulgent post about my life and how it is not turning out quite as I had so strangely prepared. If you do not want to read about my efforts at self-deprecation, you might want to click on the little “x” now.

So…as I was saying before I rudely interrupted myself…


Everyone is traveling to a vacation place. Some with kids, some with dogs, some with other baggage. I used to do that. Before cancer took over the driver’s side of my life car.

Summers gone by, I traveled to Canada, the east coast, Florida, Mexico, the gulf coast, and everywhere in between. About this time of year, I would be busily looking at travel spots, hotels, airfare, and entertainment places around the final destination.

My family didn’t have to worry. Mom was at the helm. I was a travel agent in a mom’s clothing. I could find discounts, cheap seats, and fine dining at a low cost all in one fell swoop.

Disney? No problem.

Cruise? It’s a cinch.

I never minded all the hoopla about how to do it either. Computers are our friend. I imagine before computers (BC-haha) we had to go through real travel agents, but after desktops (AD–hahahaha) we have no more trouble landing a great vacation than clicking our mouse.

So, as everyone is out there planning on vacation, going on vacation, or coming back from their vacation, remember us others. The others. The ones who are committed to a different summer. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but hey, it’s what it is.  I just want to hear all about your trip. I want to hear how much fun you had. How the water in the pool was perfect, and the drinks by the pool divine.

I want to see the pictures. I want to know what that Hawaiian waterfall REALLY looked like.

The others (that’s me) are living vicariously through you-so make it good, will ya? And if you get near a whoopie pie, bring me one! Yes, that is something that I enjoyed when visiting New England. And if you win a slot tourney on the ship, can I have the tee shirt?others

Whatever you are doing this summer, please remember the others who cannot go there or do that. Send up a little love thought into the universe for us, the others.

And don’t forget the postcards, because that might be all we get for a vacation this year.

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