Vacation Bucket List

Vacation Bucket List

vacation bucket list
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Well, ok, a bucket list is supposed to be a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. But here are things I want to do before I get off vacation, which starts, by the way, in exactly 56 hours.

1. Enjoy the journey.
I have a bad habit of hating the trip (flying) to anywhere I have to sit in a plane to get to. I do not care for being up in the air jetting across the country. I have to help keep a watch out like I do when I am a passenger in the car. Hence why I have to have a window seat. My hubby is worse than I am and so we will fight for that window. But this year, I resolve to just relax and enjoy the trip. Let him sit in the window and help fly. I can take a nap or read. There really isn’t anything more to be done, right?

2. Eat some bad stuff.
I know that my hostess/host will be feeding me food fit for a queen, because they are pretty darn health conscious and eat good food. But I have my heart set on some Whoopie Pies while I am in the east. If you do not know what I am talking about, go here and educate yourself. And yes, you can be jealous now.

3. Get some writing done while lying on the beach.
This will require a pad and pencil/pen. But as I have noted before, I get a lot of ground covered when writing in long-hand. All I need is a page from the last bit written, and I am off and going. It is sort of imperative that I write while on vacation. It’s a tradition. My hubby usually drives and I write and read aloud. This time-since he will be helping pilot a plane (not literally see #1)-I will need to be a bit more creative.

And so far, this is all I have on my

vacation bucket list.

If you want to add to it, drop me a line. I am considering adding sleeping late as an item. We will see.

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