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Unplugging social media: Good reasons to do

It seems to me that social media has sort of taken over our lives. Recently, someone in need of support from family was taken to church over statements made on the person’s OWN Facebook page. Wow. When we cannot say what we have to say on our OWN page, it’s seriously time to rethink the whole social media thing.


Maybe it’s time to consider unplugging.

Well, listen, there is a reason why social media exists and it is NOT to blast someone else. It is to be social. It can be a useful tool in order to get information out quickly when there is a need also.  Consider the attack in France recently. Twitter blew up with news. Also, in the attack on the nightclub in Orlando. Thank goodness for our social media accounts. People could check in and let their loved ones know they were safe.

But there are like five good reasons NOT to use social media. One being to ramp up a family argument. Nobody surfing your FB or Twitter feed wants to be included in what should be a personal quarrel. For that, pick up your phone and CALL the person. 

But so…having said that…this little video shows a few good reason NOT to stay plugged in. Come on people! UNPLUG!!!!!!!

Unplugging can be fun

All you have to do is stop. Set the phone down. Allow your brain to rest. Don’t pick it back up until a period of time has passed. Chose different times of the day, week, month to be device free. See how this plan can change your life and give you more hours back to get more important things done. Like driving. I always think how crazy this world has gotten when folks forget to drive because they are too busy on their phone.
Here is the video: check it out!



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